Tuesday, 2 August 2011

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UGC through its IUC - Consortium for Educational Communication (CEC) and in association with IGNOU has launched 24 hours Higher Educational Channel, VYAS, targeted at providing learning opportunities to masses across the length and breadth of the country. The channel telecasts 8 hours of educational program daily which are repeated twice during the course of the day so as to ensure convenient and suitable access to a wide variety of learners across the country.

It has initiated the following new areas of electronic communication of knowledge and information.

(1) E-content Development, (2) LOR, (3) Video on Demand, (4) Electronic access to library network through search engine, and (5) Set up Technology incubation Cell, (6) conducted programmes on Capacity Building in E-content development details of these are discussed in the following systems: The Objectives of CEC are:

1. Close coordination, facilitation, overall guidance and direction to the activities of the Media Centres set up by the UGC in various universities.

2. Dissemination of educational programmes, through both the broadcast and non broadcast modes.

3. Production of educational programmes (especially video and audio) and related support material and setting up of appropriate facilities.

4. Research related to optimizing the effectiveness of the programmes.

5. Providing a forum for the active involvement of academic and other scholars in the creation of appropriate educational programmes.

6. Studying, promoting and experimenting with new techniques/ technology that will increase the reach and / or effectiveness of educational communication.

In response to these objectives the CEC coordinates the development of Centres, ensuring the quality of software, coordination of telecasting of the selected programmes, inspiring and encouraging innovations.

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