Thursday, 3 September 2015

Jaya TV Live Streaming Online in US

Whether you are from Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka or Malaysia, together with more than 70 million people you speak one of the oldest and most classical languages of India: Tamil. No doubt you enjoy Tamil entertainment and social commentary, but did you know that you can get all of this and more in one fabulous place that is accessible to you from almost anywhere in the world?
Jaya TV Live, previously found on satellite and cable, is now also available on the internet where it is taking Tamil language TV to the next level, reaching the US, CAN, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and elsewhere
Through YuppTV, a US based partner website that broadcasts Indian programs to audiences around the globe, you can access Jaya TV Live online via content streaming and Internet TV all day long
Some of the genres broadcast on Jaya TV include dramas, Tamil mythological stories, talk shows, reality shows and even Tamil cuisine cook shows
Since its launch in 2013 Jaya TV has been on a relentless quest to provide Tamil speakers with quality entertainment that addresses their unique cultural perspective. In two short years, it is becoming clear that soon, Tamils will be able to Watch Jaya TV Live from anywhere in the world.
Broadcasting from Chennai in India, the Jaya TV Network is now able to reach people as far west as the USA and as far east as Singapore and Malaysia.
With a history dating back more than 2000 years ago, it is clear that the Tamil language is set for a new round of growth as speakers from all over the world tune in to Jaya TV Live

 jaya tv live online

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